Systech Corp works on the principle of redefining the boundaries of innovation, especially in the development of silicon chips. Our semiconductor design solutions include RTL design, design verification, physical design, and analog layout offering – and also provide RTL to GDSII value offerings. We do this with the primary goal of helping technology companies monetize their expertise.

Our Semiconductor Solutions

Semiconductor Design

As a domain expert, Semiconductor companies rely on our expansive experience to go from Silicon to System. Our technological solutions have helped businesses across the Mobile, Consumer, Automotive, Aviation, and Industrial sectors. Combining an entrepreneurial zeal and extensive knowledge, Systech Corp has provided complete tech solutions in the Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal, and Embedded Software space – also setting high standards in the area of microelectronics.

Analog and Mixed Signal Design

In a highly digital environment, we believe that systems need to talk to each other and the outside world. These connections require analog components.

Our extensive experience in developing components across domains such as Power Management, Data Converters, Clock Circuits, and high-speed Communication Interfaces has made us the preferred solution provider for global leading enterprises. We can ramp up high-speed analog blocks or a low power and area-constrained design as well as reduce full chip level simulation time by creating accurate Analog models at the block and full chip levels.

Our AMS (Analog Mixed Signal) Design Solutions include:
  • Architecture planning and feasibility Analysis
  • Circuit design and simulations
  • Layout design and Verification
  • Performance and Functional Modeling
  • Mixed Signal Verification and Co-Simulation
  • Design and Layout Migrations
  • Engineering Sample validation
VLSI Design

The ever-growing demand for bigger, more powerful, and discrete systems is growing day by day. Product companies are looking to maximize performance and minimize size. They are constantly on the lookout for more efficient ways to reduce power consumption, while improving performance on an ever-shrinking chip – all the while trying to stay ahead in a rapidly-evolving ecosystem.

Time and again Systech Corp has innovated to build efficient digital systems. Our expertise allows us to partner quickly to build innovative architectures and systems on a chip. we have been able to rapidly turn around highly robust and functional systems on the smallest of silicon wafers, with the most stringent power requirements – all this owing to our domain expertise in SoCs, ASICs, and FPGA to ASIC conversion.

Our Digital Design Group:
  • Possesses top system-level expertise to quickly integrate customer’s vision into an ASIC-based solution
  • Specializes in high speed, high reliability, and low power designs
  • Owns capabilities in various design and verification languages, tools, and methodologies that are integral to achieving successful, affordable
  • System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions
  • Has proven expertise in cutting-edge EDA tools and the latest FinFET nodes