Our Data Engineering practice, involves gathering and combining data from disparate sources and building data assets to facilitate analytics that supports decision making. The outcomes of an effective data engineering process makes it possible for data scientists and data analysts to create actionable intelligence that enable organizations to improve business outcomes.

Systechcorp offers robust and scalable data engineering solutions that help organizations build a sustainable data-driven ecosystem with predictive analytics capabilities.

Data Modeling
Data transformation for enhanced business outcomes
The paradigm shift towards digital ecosystems has resulted in a proliferation of data. Data management has become a daunting task for enterprises with not only the volume but the variety of data increasing exponentially. Enterprises have to manage data generated from traditional sources such as CRM, legacy sources such as mainframes and the new-age sources of the digital era such as social media, web logs etc.

We help organizations understand their data sources, its distribution and various ways to generate value from their data. We provide customized business specific data modeling solutions to help organizations meet their current and evolving business needs.

Key Offerings:
Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Modeling
Data Discovery
Knowledge Management