Systechcorp, was established to provide information technology resources to various large brokerage, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing companies to meet the growing demand for highly skilled and qualified IT professionals.

We are building a reputation for providing the best technical expertise that is a direct result of performance and integrity of our talented professional staff. Systechcorp Inc, was formed by veteran software technologists, project managers and management consultants, who have worked with major brokerage, communications and engineering firms and excelled to new heights in their areas of expertise over the past decade.

As a result, the Systechcorp team comprises of the best minds in software consulting, business management, sales, marketing, and customer service. These days everybody is excited about the Information Super Highway and Systechcorp Inc, is at the forefront in providing expert consultation, development, installation, support, hardware and software analysis and selection in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, RPA programming, DevOps, Cloud Consulting, Data Sciences and Web development (using HTML, JAVA, JAVA Scripts, PERL, CORBA, C++).

Although, our major strength is Web Development, we also provide expert consultation in various other state of the art technologies like client/server development, database management and administration, systems integration, network design and implementation.